Your Remote Desktop Software

Yet another remote desktop software, but it can be totally yours. Different from TeamViewer and AnyDesk, we provide not only the client-side desktop software program, but also the server-side program so that you have full control of your data by setting up your own enterprise network. It is free for both personal use and businesses, without any limitation.


Download Server Software (Optional)


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Banking-standard and latest TLS 1.3 technology protects your computer from unauthorized access. Need full control of your data? Setting up your own enterprise network is easy and totally free.

Define your image quality

You can define your own image quality by adjusting bitrate and quantizer.

Built-in file transfer and TCP tunneling

Use our file manager to transfer files between computers. Setup TCP tunneling easily, and just one click to use RDP connection via TCP tunneling.


No administrative privileges or installation needed. Simply download the 4MB file and you’re off.

Your own cloud

We provide server-side ID and relay server program for free, it can be installed without any configuration. ID/relay server address can be set easily on client-side. See more.

Source Code

You can have the source code of this software written with Rust language.

Listen to your voice

This is a personal software, but with fast development iteration. Let's make it better together.

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