Open the .dmg file and drag RustDesk to Applications as below.

Make sure you have quit all running RustDesk. Also make sure you quit the RustDesk service shown on the tray.

Allow RustDesk run

Unlock to changeClick on “App Store and identified developers”

Enable permissions

Due to macOS security policy change, our api which captures input on local side does not work any more. You have to enable “Input Monitoring” permission on local Mac side. Please follow this

It seems no quick fix, we need to fix together with our Flutter version.

To capture screen, you need to grant RustDesk Accessibility permission and Screen Recording permission. RustDesk will guide you to the settings window.

RustDesk windowSettings window

If you have enabled it in the settings window, but RustDesk still warns. Please remove RustDesk from the settings windows by the - button, and click on + button, select RustDesk in /Applications.

- and + buttonSelect RustDesk

Please copy above steps for Screen Recording permission.