The command line commands here must be run in Git Bash not command prompt or you will get syntax errors.


C++ build environment

Download MSVC and install. Select Windows as Developer machine OS and check C++, then download Visual Studio Community version and install. The installation may take a while.

Rust develop environment

Download rustup-init.exe and run it as administrator to install rust.


Go to the folder you want to clone vcpkg and use Git Bash to run the following commands, download vcpkg, install 64-bit version of libvpx, libyuv and opus. If you don’t have Git installed, get Git here.

git clone
cd vcpkg
git checkout 2023.04.15
cd ..
export VCPKG_ROOT=$PWD/vcpkg
vcpkg/vcpkg install libvpx:x64-windows-static libyuv:x64-windows-static opus:x64-windows-static aom:x64-windows-static

Add System environment variable VCPKG_ROOT=<path>\vcpkg. The <path> should be the location you choose above to clone vcpkg.


Desktop versions use Sciter for GUI, please download sciter.dll.


rust-bindgen depends on clang, download LLVM and install, add System environment variable LIBCLANG_PATH=<llvm_install_dir>/bin.

You can download version 15.0.2 of the LLVM binaries here: 64 bit / 32 bit.



git clone
cd rustdesk
mkdir -p target/debug
mv sciter.dll target/debug
cargo run