Remote Control

Enter the ID of remote device in the home page or select a historical device to verify. After the verification is successful, you can control remote device.

HomeSuccessfully connected

Input control provides mouse mode/touch mode two modes, which can be switched through the lower toolbar.

EnterMode selection

In mouse mode,you can also trigger the remote device’s Right Mouse with a Two-Finger Tap

File Transfer (Android)

require RustDesk 1.1.9+.

In the device list on the home page, select the device.

Long press or tap more options on the right to select File Transfer

HomeSuccessfully connected
  • The initial directory is the Home directory of the device, you can click to quickly return to Home.
  • Below the title bar is the directory level, you can click the corresponding folder to jump quickly.
  • Click to access the parent directory.
  • The current absolute path and project statistics will be prompted at the bottom of the list.
  • Click Local / Remote in the title bar to switch pages.

How ​​to transfer files?

Multi-Select ModeFile Paste
  1. Long press on a file or folder in the list to quickly enter the multiple selection mode, which can delete multiple items or transfer files.
  2. After selecting the file, switch the local / remote page, after switching the page, you will see Paste here? prompt, click the paste file icon in the picture to transfer the selected file/folder to the target directory.

Set ID/Relay Server

Click Settings on the bottom navigation bar, enter the settings page and click ID/Relay Server. After entering and submitting, it will automatically switch to the specified server. You can also configure by scanning QR code. The picture below is a screenshot of Android. If it is iOS, please check top-right menu on the home page.

For details of self-host server, please refer to self-host