Install your own server with Docker


You need to have Docker/Podman installed to run a rustdesk-server as a Docker container, if in doubt install Docker with this guide to ensure its the most up to date!

By default, hbbs listens on 21114 (TCP, for web console, only available in Pro version), 21115 (TCP), 21116 (TCP/UDP) and 21118 (TCP), hbbr listens on 21117 (TCP) and 21119 (TCP). Be sure to open these ports in the firewall. Please note that 21116 should be enabled both for TCP and UDP. 21115 is used for the NAT type test, 21116/UDP is used for the ID registration and heartbeat service, 21116/TCP is used for TCP hole punching and connection service, 21117 is used for the Relay services, and 21118 and 21119 are used to support web clients. If you do not need web client (21118, 21119) support, the corresponding ports can be disabled.

  • TCP (21114, 21115, 21116, 21117, 21118, 21119)
  • UDP (21116)

Docker examples

sudo docker image pull rustdesk/rustdesk-server
sudo docker run --name hbbs -v ./data:/root -td --net=host --restart unless-stopped rustdesk/rustdesk-server hbbs -r <relay-server-ip[:port]>
sudo docker run --name hbbr -v ./data:/root -td --net=host --restart unless-stopped rustdesk/rustdesk-server hbbr

--net=host only works on Linux, which makes hbbs/hbbr see the real incoming IP Address rather than the Container IP ( If --net=host works fine, the -p options are not used. If on Windows, leave out sudo and --net=host.

Please remove --net=host if you are having connection problems on your platform.

If you can not see logs with -td, you can see logs via docker logs hbbs. Or you can run with -it, hbbs/hbbr will not run as daemon mode.

Docker Compose examples

For running the Docker files with the compose.yml as described here you need to have Docker Compose installed.

    container_name: hbbs
    image: rustdesk/rustdesk-server:latest
    command: hbbs
      - ./data:/root
    network_mode: "host"

      - hbbr
    restart: unless-stopped

    container_name: hbbr
    image: rustdesk/rustdesk-server:latest
    command: hbbr
      - ./data:/root
    network_mode: "host"
    restart: unless-stopped