Synology DSM 6

An alternative up-to-date tutorial from third-party is here.

This tutorial is based on latest DSM v6 and v7.

After DSM 7.2 update, the Docker is upgraded to new “Container Manager”, please check this article instead.

Install Docker

Open Package CenterInstall Docker

Install RustDesk Server

Search rustdesk-server in Docker’s registry and install by double clickInstalled rustdesk-server image, double click to create rustdesk-server container

Create hbbs container

As mentioned above, double click on rustdesk-server image to create new container, set it name to hbbs.

Click on above Advanced Settings.

  • Enable Enable auto-restart.

  • Enable Use the same network as Docker Host. For more about host net, please check.

  • Mount a host directory (e.g. /home/rustdesk/) to /root, hbbs will generate some files (database and key files) in this directory which need to be persistent over reboots.

MountFiles generated in the host directory
  • Set command

    Synology’s OS is Debian based, so host net (–net=host) works fine, we do not need to map ports with -p option. is an internal IP used here for demonstration only, please set it to a public IP when you deploy (or you can use your DDNS address if you have configured one in “Control Panel → Connectivity → DDNS”) and don’t forget to open ports on your router and your Synology firewall if this is enabled (“Control Panel → Connectivity → Firewall”)!

  • Done

Create hbbr container

Please repeat above hbbs steps, but name the container hbbr and command (for Set Command Step) should be hbbr -k _.

hbbr/hbbs containers

Double click on container and check logDouble confirm hbbs/hbbr using host network

Retrieve your Key

Browse to the folder setup before using File Station, download and open with a text editor to via your key.