RustDesk Server Pro

RustDesk Server Pro has more features compared to the open source version.

RustDesk Client ≥ 1.2.0 required

If you build you own server on your home/office, and can’t connect it through public IP/domain, please check this article.

Hardware requirement

Lowest level VPS is enough for your use case. The server software is not CPU and memory intensive. Our public ID server hosted on a 2 CPU/4 GB Vultr server serves 1.5+ million endpoints.



Simple Install

To make life easy, we have developed scripts which take care of everything (install/upgrade/convert from open source) Simple Install Script.

Don’t forget to get your license from, check license page for more details.

Manual Installation

Almost the same as the open source version, but you do not need to run hbbs/hbbr with any arguments. These can be set later in web console.

  • -k _ is set by default
  • -r <server:host> is not needed any more if the relay server runs on the same machine with hbbs, and you can set multiple relay servers in the web console

Ports Required

You need port 21114-21119 TCP and 21116 UDP open, please ensure these ports are setup when you set firewall rules and Docker port mapping.

You should use a proxy like Nginx to deliver this over HTTPS requiring port 443 to be opened.