Access Control

Device access permissions

There are two ways to associate a device with a user:

  • Via console device page
  • Log in to the specified user account on the client side

The following two situations will prevent the device from being accessed:

  • Make device disable in console devices page
  • Make user disable in console user page

The associated device can only be accessed by the devices of the same user or user group, or in correct cross-group settings.

Cross group settings

Please go to group page in the web console, click on Edit to edit cross group settings as below.

Your modifications to Access with other groups take effect immediately without requiring you to click the OK button.

Both Can access to and Can be accessed from serve almost the same function, we provide both options for your convenience. However, this may cause some confusion.

The user and group assigned to the controlling side are determined by the user who logs in, rather than the user who is assigned from the web console. We designed it this way because certain controlling sides do not have a device ID, such as the iOS client and web client.